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Web Site Features

We offer a wide variety of features that are cuttine edge coding and technology.  However, if you're looking for a lot of stuff moving around, you've come to the wrong place.  I don't put flash on any of my web sites, for the simple reason that a lot of Mac software like iPhone and iPads will not display flash technology.  Currently HTML and PHP is the current programming language that I use more frequently then others, but ASPX is a server side code that I've started learning as of late which is part of the client update process forms.  Here are key features that we offer on each web site or as needed.

  • Interactive Forms
    These forms are ideal for making reservations, getting customer testimonials, booking appointments, requesting quotes, whatever suits the clients needs.  Soon we'll be adding on-line ordering to this list, which is something that we're working on with the help of GoDaddy.com and their tools.  This will be great for restaurant.  Customers will be able to place their order, and pay for it on-line and when they come in, they can just enjoy their meal and deal with the tip.
  • Cascading Menus
    As of late we've started using AJAX cascading menus for a number of clients.
  • Social Media Intertwined
    Every client website has the standards Add To and Share Button All our web sites are tied in with social media.  They all have the Add/Share button share.  All clients we create a Facebook group Facebook25 and Twitter feed which is managed by our Intertwined Webs System.

  • User Friendlyness
    This is absolutly cruicial to what we do.  As much as possible, all client web site are designed with a certain flow to them that coincides with the feel of that business.  In most cases, unless it's unavoidable, like in a photo gallery situation, all links the surfer needs at that time is within their site and above the fold.  We try to provide your surfers with the ultimate customer experience while interacting with your web site.
  • Shopping Basket
    Now that we've formed a relationship with GoDaddy.com that allows us to implement Shopping Baskets quickly that are easily managed.
  • Video Production
    This is a feature that all clients should take a look at, especially in this day and age.  Something that used to cost THOUSANDS of dollars a couple years ago, can now be done for less then $500, depending on the job.  We can take 5 or 6 pictures, add some voice over work and have a video produced at a very reasonable price, for any company, anywhere.  That's the beautiful thing about technology.