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Fireplace Dealerships

This is a subject I fancy myself a bit of an expert in.  I've had a long standing relationship with Maritime Fireplaces from back when I was with Newcap Radio.  When I started doing web site design, they were one of my first.  I'm constantly working on that site.  They have many suppliers and they run many promos, and I keep their web site constantly up to date.  Because of the complexity of their web site, I offered to create a similar web site in different markets to different companies, as long as they didn't compete with another client.  I've had one in each province at one point, but some have moved or closed down.  I can say that there's one from Victoria to St. John's thought. 

There is some ongoing maintenance that goes into fireplace dealership web sites with suppliers changing their links.  The way I set these sites up is sorted by heating type and then by type of product.  So there's generally a wood section, a pellet section, a gas section and an electric section.  From there, it's broken down by fireplace, insert or stove.  Then you have the BBQs.  Within each section, I link the supplier up with that section of their web site.  For example, if you're on the wood free standing stove section and you click on Vermont Castings, it'll go to the Vermont Castings Wood Stove Page. 

Fireplace Web Sites are generally one of the bigger web sites that I do and they generally start at $1,000.00 because of the amount of time that go into each one.