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Intertwined Webs        

Intertwined webs is a full online marketing service.  It is also the name that will spearhead the Brand in 2012.  Over the next few months the Brad Web Design Brand will be transitionned over to Intertwined Webs.  Intertwined webs will be a network of brands that will promoted through our Facebook Fan Page, and targeted email campaigns which will offer contesting and unique ways to drive clients to your web site and facebook fan page, which is something that we can say we have a tremendous amount of experience and success with. 

On the service side of it, we'll outline your online strategy end oversee it's execution.  This is something that we currently do with our clients.  85% of our clients also have facebook fan pages which have stat tracking capability.  but it will evolve to a very interactive way for clients to communicate with other clients and all of our collective Facebook Fan Page Fans.  Currently, when we create a web site, we also create the facebook fan page, twitter feed, and intertwine it with their web site... and that is the beginning of the idea for Intertwined Webs. 

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