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The pricing structure all dependent on the client’s needs.  There are a few things to consider.  A good rule of thumb to look at is about $100 a page on the design side.  If it's a simple home page, price page, about us and contact us, and you had your content organized, I would have no problems quoting $400 on that type of job.  I know from experience that certain industries are at least so much money.  For example, fireplace dealership sites start at $1000.  Embroidery type of web sites are usually between $600 and $800.  I break down the pricing for different industries, in the Portfolio section. 

What I'll do for that is register the domain name(s), host the web site for the first year, the set up, social media integration, business directory registration, google analytics set up, and search engine optimization.  Hosting and Domain registration is generally $200 each year on the anniversary of your domain name registration date.  It could be a bit more if you have additional domain names, or less if your domain is registerred with someone else and I'm just hosting the site.

Charges for Updates
For the first year, I generally don't charge for updates unless it was a complete overhaul.  I'll also give you a couple hours worth of updates on your annual renewal.  I also do not charge for small updates less than a half an hour.  Other than those situations, updates are done at the rate of $40 an hour.

If you wanted your own hosting account, which you would need if you wanted additional features like shopping baskets, database managment, email marketing, etc, which all have their additional fees.  Check my hosting web site for information on these features. 

If you want to chat about it, call me anytime!

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