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Why me?      

We're well aware that you have choices.  Everybody knows someone who has a buddy that could put a web site up for them for a couple hundred bucks... if you do and you think that will meet your needs, please do not read any further.  That's not the type of company we're interested in working with.  We know the client we work well with, small medium sized companies, they can be in numerous markets, but essentially, these are companies that have an older web site or it's their first venture in to the digital world and they need someone who can translate this stuff for them and pretty well manage all aspects of their online operation.

We stay ahead of the curve.  And we do this so you don't have to.  The worlds buying habits are changing, we'll do our best to keep you where you're untapped market is shopping.  Right now, that's socially on pretty well all levels, and we'll get that all set for you and help you manage it, and promote it as well.

We've been in this business a long time and have seen the writing on the wall on the way this world is going.  Clearly this isn't a fad, the second a company can create a waterproof computer that people can read in the bath, print media dies... it won't be another nail in the coffin, one of the longest media mediums will pretty well die instantly.  Eventually, your whole life will be networked.  You won't be paying a cable provider, you'll be watching TV on the same screen you do your banking on, and it'll be the one on your wall.  These are the trends and the direction of where we will be in the next 10 years.  If you think about how much has changed in the past 10 years, the next 10 will be nothing compared to that.

We want to be more then the guys that created your web site... we want to be your on-line media consultants... your webmaster.